As the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”, it is no exception when it comes to household insulation. Many individuals don’t give insulation a second thought after building or purchasing a home as it is something that hardly ever comes into eyesight. Despite insulation being one of the most regularly neglected, it is also one of the most important in terms of regulating your house temperature and energy costs. It is important to take note of what you can do to know when it is time to consider new insulation.

There are a variety of things you can keep an eye out for when considering if it is the time for new insulation to be installed such as:

  • Cold walls, floors, ceilings, rooms:

When examining walls, floors, ceiling, and general rooms for outdated insulation, nothing is more reliable than your basic touch test. Simply feel the surfaces in search of any cold or wet spots. Properly insulated rooms will be warm and dry through the walls, floors, and ceiling.

  • High energy bills:

Many attics feature blown in insulation that can settle over time and cause energy bills to steadily rise as the years pass. In extreme cases, this can lead to areas of the home that are completely uninsulated which results in energy costs soaring as a response.

  • Water in the attic:

Attics should be warm and dry just like the walls, floors, and ceilings. Insulation not only keeps the warm in during winter and the hot out during summer, it also keeps wet out which prevents further problems that can develop such as mold, water damage, etc.

  • Frozen pipes and ice dams:

Two massive warning signs that it is time to consider new insulation is when you start to notice frozen pipes and/or ice dams during winter. Both of these are indicators of poor insulation that should be addressed immediately. Ice dams can lead to issues with the roof and gutters while frozen pipes can burst, leaving behind thousands of dollars of damage for homeowners.

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