With winter reaching freezing temperatures throughout New England, we’ll start to see ice, snow and the typical consistent winter weather before we know it. With the cold comes a whole range of new issues on homes, with one being ice dams. We see them all over the place, every single year and they can cause a significant amount of damage to your home.

What are ice dams? 

Ice dams are when ice forms up and freezes right at the edge of your roof.

How do ice dams form?

When you see ice form right at the edge of your roof, you may think it has to do with the cold temperature outside only, right? Well, the biggest reason that you’re getting ice dams is most likely because you’re dealing with varying roof temperatures from the top and bottom areas. It all starts when the attic warms the roof surface, melting snow on the roof. This melted snow runs down your roof and refreezes along the roof’s edge where it’s cooler. As this happens, it starts to form an ice dam.

Preventing ice dams:

This is where ABT Insulation come into play! While attic air sealing is extremely important, without proper insulation you can’t keep heat from seeping into your attic. With proper insulation and attic sealing, you can make sure that your attic stays one constant cool temperature.

So, there it is! All of those icicles and ice build up may be forming simply because you don’t have adequate attic insulation.
Attic insulation on the other hand will also save you so much money on energy costs. If your heat during the winter and A/C during the summer is seeping away into your attic, this is the perfect solution to solve it.

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